16 March 2023

Women in Business X Le Vacherin Takeover



March, the month that is home to ‘International Women’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ calls for a celebration of our female Foundxrs of the Club.


After the success of our last ‘women in business’ takeover event, in March 2023 we’re collaborating with Club member and female entrepreneur Donna Thompson-Smith, where our female foundxrs will take over her traditional French bistro, Le Vacherin, for an evening of high vibration, female empowerment, and undoubtedly exceptional cuisine.


Donna Thompson-Smith is a true inspiration who has worked tirelessly to grow her restaurant, based in the heart of Chiswick, to the special place it is today.


If we can’t dine in France, let’s bring a little of that French magic to London. Members will enjoy a three-course meal, curated only with the finest of seasonal ingredients, and most importantly enjoy the energy of one another's company.


40 Members


We're not here simply to buid a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.