Over 45 members gathered in Mayfair for the Clubs ‘Audience with…’ series. This time with a gentleman whose app needs no introduction. He personally may not be a household name, but his App surely is. Introducing Dhiraj Mukherjee, co-founder of Shazam.

In 1999, Dhiraj and three of his friends founded ‘Shazam Entertainment Limited’ and created what now has become one of the world's most downloaded apps ‘SHAZAM’. In Sep 2018 Dhiraj and his friends sold the company to Apple in a deal worth $400 million. Although this philanthropist and ‘tech for good’ investor is used to speaking in auditoriums filled with people, as a friend of the brand he agreed to join us for an intimate evening with our Club members.

Interviewed by Kalpesh Patel (Club founder), Dhiraj shared his experience and advice on everything from growing the business to the hurdles his team had to overcome to know when to grow and when to sell.


Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club

With nearly 300 Club members and partners in attendance, the Foundxrs Club End of Year party was the biggest event of the year. Not only in numbers but in energy.

The theme of the party was simple, ‘Celebrate’! No matter how big or small, the idea was to bring members and partners together under one roof and celebrate 2022.

Partnered with Crazy Co, Investec, VAR Capital, DAL Concierge, Interpolitan, Cobra Beer, Blue Alpine, Fortis Wealth, Ethos Construction, and Carter Bond Solicitors, all of whom are Club members, the event was hosted in London on Saturday 26 November. Members took full advantage of reconnecting with their peers, enjoying the festivities, and celebrating until early hours of the morning.

The appointment of Ruchira Talwar as the new Managing Director of Foundxrs Club was announced at the event which simply added to the celebrations.


Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club

In the current economic climate, it can be difficult to plan ahead. Challenges such as an unprecedented increase in energy costs; prolonged inflation and weakened consumer sentiment have led to a re-evaluation of business priorities. However, it is still possible to grow and pivot with the right financial support. Arjun Chopra, Head of Private Capital at Investec, explains what he has learned from working with entrepreneurs in uncertain times.



What are entrepreneurs telling you about how the economy is affecting them?

Owner-managed businesses are at the forefront of the UK economy. This means they are sensitive to market turbulence. At the moment, energy prices and prolonged inflation have added to the impact of disrupted supply chains, rising wages, and workforce depletion due to Brexit creating a challenging and uncertain business environment.

While there has been a short-term decline in activity, there has not been a decline in conversation. The entrepreneurs we work with remain watchful but feel confident that we have now taken the first steps on a journey to economic stability and are exploring the opportunities that exist in this “new normal”.


How did the entrepreneurs you work with respond to the pandemic and can any lessons be learned now?

During the pandemic, we saw lots of businesses that were established in their sector, having to adjust and expand their offering.

For example, AirX is a market leader in the private charter sector which saw a decrease in passenger numbers due to travel restrictions. The team was able to adapt part of their fleet to assist in transporting cargo which was in high demand.

We also worked with Pet Family. When pet ownership went up, this business invested in expanding its presence to cater to demand. By nature, entrepreneurs look at challenges in different ways and they can benefit from being the first to react to a change in the environment.


What is private capital and how can it help entrepreneurs future-proof their businesses?

Our work is event-driven. Usually, a client comes to us with a problem that we have to solve. It could be a need to make a game-changing acquisition, streamline their ownership structure by buying out minority shareholders or, if they’re in growth mode, a demand for more working capital.

We lend to the business or its shareholders, and the underlying security is usually corporate in nature. The due diligence would be on the performance of the underlying business. However, we can be flexible about how and where we lend. If someone is looking to leverage their equity to diversify, we can do that. Some entrepreneurs want to invest in a new business and in those cases, we may take security in what they are investing in.


It can be harder to borrow capital in challenging times. How do you make lending decisions in this kind of economic environment?

In every crisis, Investec takes a view on an individual client, as opposed to a sector. The entrepreneurs we work with are generally well-established and own profitable businesses, and we see that their strategy and conviction is often spot on.

We want people to know that we’re not going to hold them to their exact plan. What we’re interested in is their vision and their goals. We’re a medium-sized bank in terms of our position in the market, but we’re small enough to be nimble. In these moments of crisis, when people want to be understood, we can make a profound difference.


Do you need support with your personal or business banking? Investec specialises in working with entrepreneurs and founders. Please contact Private Banker Elieen Redmond: email Eileen.redmond@investec.co.uk or telephone: 0207 597 5289



Photograph by Luke Stackpoole

Mid-November 2022 brought 50 members of the Club together in London’s Mayfair for an audience with Atul Pathak OBE, until last year when he exited the business, he was the largest franchisee of McDonald's restaurants in Europe. With 44 branches across the UK, a workforce of over 4000 staff, and turning over in excess of £150m per year.


Atul Pathak is your iconic rags-to-riches story, a tale of a migrant boy who has done good. The evening was hosted by Foundxrs Club at 6 Hamilton Place in Mayfair, bringing together both, new members and familiar faces. Atul who flew in from Italy that morning shared his story of arriving in the UK, working and proving himself in various establishments to finally finding his feet in the golden arches and creating his own empire.



Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club

Late October saw Investec host their first Diwali event at their offices in central London. Surrounded by over 120 guests including partners, clients and of course Foundxrs Club members.

The evening started with some words of celebration and unity from Investec CEO, Ruth Leas followed by an informal gathering and networking. While the traditional grey clouds of London at this time of the year stayed at bay, guests made full use of the wonderful terrace while enjoying sumptuous canapes by Clay Oven.


Organised and led by Investec’s Gabrielle Cross, Jenny Matos Dos Santos, Eileen Redmond-Macken and Anek Mhajan, the event was a roaring success bringing together different generations of entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders from various industries.



Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club

The London Broker, a collective of leading independent luxury property agents, has formed a partnership agreement with Kerzner International to strategically advise, consult and lead the marketing and sales of One&Only Private Homes around the world, working in collaboration with their global network of luxury agents and brokerages.


Rupert Collingwood, Club member, Founder and Chairman of The London Broker explained "To have been selected for this exciting partnership by one of the world’s leading luxury brands, is of course a tremendous privilege. We have worked hard over the years to develop a brand and reputation worthy of the brokers we are lucky to count as part of our network, both in the UK and increasingly around the world. That Jonathan and the team at Kerzner have seen fit to entrust us with this great opportunity is testament to that network and our years of hard work.”



One&Only Private Homes embody the renowned quality, exclusivity and allure that the One&Only brand is known for. Located in the most exceptional destinations and designed by some of the world’s leading architects, such as Rick Joy and Olson Kundig, each property has its own distinct identity. Whether owners wish to enjoy their home as a primary residence or as a holiday home, they are assured that their every need is provided for by the One&Only ultra-luxury services, as well as having access to a seamless ownership programme with every detail expertly managed by a dedicated One Contact. Private Homes can be placed in the optional resort rental programme and One&Only Private Home owners are also part of an exclusive community benefiting from global privileges, including events and a dedicated international concierge service.



Jonathan Tomlinson, Senior Vice President, One&Only Private Homes (pictured third from left) said “The introduction of One&Only Private Homes is an integral part of our vision for the growth of the company, as we see the demand for ultra-luxury private residences continue to increase. Our Private Homes are personal havens, providing an indulgent retreat where our owners can unwind in safety and seclusion, enjoying all the benefits of living within a One&Only resort. We are delighted to be working with the London Broker and their global network of experienced agents, to ensure our One&Only Private Homes collection is positioned at the forefront of the luxury real estate market.”





“We want to build on what is already great foundations.”


The founders of Asian Wealth Magazine and Foundxrs Club have announced their partnership with London-based company Ethos Construction, a niche main contractor specialising in residential and mixed-use projects in and around London and the Home Counties.


Sunny and Kalpesh Patel, founders of Asian Wealth Magazine and Foundxrs Club joined by business partner Ruchira Talwar operate Capital36, the property division of their business. Working together with Pritesh Lad, founder of Ethos Construction, for several years, joined by wife Justina have embarked upon an exciting new business partnership creating a collective powerhouse.


“As part of our company group, Foundxrs Club allows us to connect with a strong network of people who are in the world of property – from architects and interior designers to developers and hoteliers. With our operation in Capital36 involved in real estate investments and developments, the overall partnership with Ethos made perfect sense” says Sunny.



Ethos Construction was established in 2009 by Pritesh Lad to continue his grandfather and father’s legacy in the construction industry. As a child Pritesh was inspired by the passion shown by his father Dhan who founded his business, Lad Construction in the 1970s.


“Pritesh has always been a good friend. With his plans to expand the business, and ours to become deeper involved in the industry, we decided it would be collectively beneficial for us all, if we became part of the business.


“With Ethos, there are so many synergies with what we’re doing with Capital36 and Foundxrs Club (FXC). Pritesh’s focus is always to work with the right type of clients, and for us it is a case of wanting the brand to be recognised in the industry for excellence.”


While this long-term plan includes helping set-up and build relationships with others in the industry, it also enhances the opportunities for their own projects under Capital36. “It brings comfort to have a reputable contractor with a strong pedigree we can utilise within our own projects,” says Sunny.


“For a developer, the biggest risk is the construction — are they going to execute on time? Are they financially secure and robust enough? Are they able to mitigate on-site issues? With an impressive track record Ethos Construction has always had a wealth of hands-on experience.”


Current projects for Ethos include a new build residential development of 35 apartment units in Harrow, all the way to a build-out of a £14m premium house in the Home Counties.


“There is a certain value we can bring to this partnership. As a new-age company, we’re experienced in creating a powerful brand presence with purpose. We want to enforce reliability and being developer focussed, being able to provide a hassle free and seamless service from end-to-end.


The newly combined partners are actively exploring further opportunities for investors or landowners who may wish to maximise the potential of their land or property. With a network of architects, planning advisors and structural engineers they are keen to take over the work for the landowner with a full turnkey service, starting with design, to planning, build-out, execution and completion.


“We’ve got a vision for where we want to take this business. We want to work with the right partners, we want to develop and push the brand, and ultimately, we want to work on projects we can be proud of.”



If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, or explore a potential opportunity, please get in touch with Sunny Patel at sunny@ethosconstruction.co.uk.





With the whole world available on your phone, more and more small and medium businesses are following the mobile trend and choosing an app.

We ask Indy Chatwal, Founder of I See Apps, about why having a mobile app is essential for business.

Do you think there is growing demand for apps amongst business founders?

Massive demand! The UK is the most lucrative market in Europe for apps. UK consumers spent around £2.7 billion on in app purchases last year—downloading apps, or purchasing products from an app. There were 203 million gaming apps downloaded in Q3 last year alone. In terms of usage of apps, in the UK the average user spent 2-4 hours a day on their phone last year; it shows there’s a huge audience businesses can reach via their own personal app. Regarding small businesses, this year nearly half have engaged with an app or are looking to engage with an app compared to only a third last year. It’s huge, and small businesses are realising that they need to get on board as it will enhance their business in multiple ways.


Does a business need an app and a website?

Most companies need to have a website. Especially for e-commerce platforms, it’s particularly important to have a slick website that works well, so the user experience is excellent. Whereas for companies such as law firms or private equity firms, their website is effectively just a shop window, mostly cosmetic. An app offers much more!


What are the benefits of having an app for business?

A mobile app opens up a variety of advantages – from increasing user engagement and providing great marketing opportunities, to boosting average purchase price, increasing revenue, and building brand loyalty, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the competition. These include:

  • Data analytics and enhanced marketing campaigns.
  • Strong connection with the brand for the customer.
  • Convenient payment.
  • Loyal customers.
  • Improves sales.


What sort of industries might consider having an app?

We build apps for retail, e-commerce, education, gaming, healthcare, fitness, logistics distribution, social networking, real estate, food, hospitality, on demand solutions. Pretty much every industry! There’s also a big trend now towards prop tech and law tech.


Developing an app for your business can be challenging without the right strategy in place. How to prepare for the future development of your mobile app?

You must identify the purpose of the app. What are your goals? Is an app going to solve an issue, increase your revenue stream, or build brand awareness? From there, you can look at functionality, offerings, in-app purchases, chat functionalities, community building, etc.


What functionality should an app offer?

An app should not only be aesthetically appealing but also be user-friendly and secure. Some of the main functionalities we would recommend are:

  • Advanced security to gain trust of its users and customers.
  • Enable users to play with customization to increase retention.
  • Offline functionality to improve user experience.
  • Customer support services to amplify customer satisfaction rate.
  • Integration with social media platforms to increase app visibility and reach.
  • Push notifications to enhance engagement rate.



What’s hot in the app world now?

AR and VR are hot in the app world right now. The success of Pokemon Go may have been temporary, but it paved the way for AR in mobile app development. It showed the world that we could practically use VR to offer an immersive experience to users.

AI & Machine Learning is another hot area in app development now, as is Blockchain.


For companies moving more towards their own platform, what is the process?

I would suggest listing all the functionalities and understanding the desired purpose of the app. Then put together a flow chart starting with the home page in the middle. It will help you understand what will need to link to where. At this stage you will need to either hire an agency or a freelancer to help with the UX/UI designs. This is probably the most exciting part of the whole process as it brings your concept to life.


What should business founders look for when hiring an app development company? 

To start, look at what kind of work they’ve done, with IOS and Android examples of apps.

Testimonials. Speak to some of their clients to see what kind of experience they’ve had.

Technologies. There are so many different codes, platforms, and options, so it’s important that the technology they recommend will complement your end product and work for you.

Trust. Apps are not cheap, so you need to be able to trust that that company is going to be able to deliver for you.

Communication. We’d recommend that they build in app in sprints—perhaps in two-week stages. At every stage, try to sit down with the app team to see the progress. This way you can sign off the individual aspect of that development. So, by the time it’s completed, you’re already happy with the product.

Testing: Look at their testing team. It’s important to test the app once it’s built because you don’t want to release an app with bugs in it.  Otherwise, people will have a bad experience and won’t use it again. First impressions are everything with an app!!

Aftercare: It’s important for the agency to provide ongoing support after your app has been launched. These can vary from improvements to the app / app updates / or even bugs.

Warranty: Make sure you negotiate a warranty period with the agency. Most agencies offer a 3-month warranty on the app in case any bugs appear!

Find out more about an app for your business. Speak to Indy at I See Apps,  indy@iseemedia.net, or call him on 07857214852




Interview by Nima Suchak

Portrait photos by Rory Gullan

Ladyburn Edition Two has been launched by world-leading rare whisky house, William Grant & Sons. The ultra rare 55-year-old whisky is paired with rarely seen images from the archive of British fashion photographer, Norman Parkinson, regarded as the father of fashion photography.


Following the release of Ladyburn Edition One in collaboration with David Bailey in 2021, Ladyburn Edition Two / Norman Parkinson captures the mood of the ‘Swinging Sixties’. The second edition in the Ladyburn 1966 triptych brings to life a ‘lost-gem’ distillery through the work of an era-defining creative icon, whilst celebrating Ladyburn’s revolutionary role in Single Malt Whisky during this decade of cultural, social, and technological change.


The Ladyburn Edition Two / Norman Parkinson collection is strictly limited to 210 hand numbered bottles. Each carries one of ten individual Norman Parkinson photographic works in colour, unseen for decades and the first time in print since first publication.



The first ten collections are accompanied by an eleventh ‘black swan’ bottle, featuring a monochrome image which is not available singularly. These complete sets comprise of 11 decanters and are accompanied by a specially commissioned display case. Each photograph within the collection was taken between 1960 to 1969, and nods to Parkinson’s ground-breaking approach, pioneering the practice of taking his shoots beyond the studio, on-location, showcasing the personality and verve of his subjects.


“Curating the Ladyburn Limited Edition series has been a fascinating journey,” says Jonathan Driver, Managing Director of William Grant & Sons’ Private Clients division. “It is indicative of the mood of the sixties and the spirit of our own family founders, that what was a conceptual, exploration project holds such tremendous legacy today.


“Less than two hundred Ladyburn casks remain in our care, so when we release one it is special. Norman Parkinson’s work is the most fitting partner. We have combined the rarest liquid with the mood of the time – until now this had not been done.”


As one of the oldest independent family-owned whisky distilleries in the world, William Grant & Sons’ Private Clients provides collectors with access to the finest and rarest whisky expressions. It curates unique items that celebrate heritage and can create a legacy. Ladyburn Edition Two presents an opportunity to acquire a cultural artefact that is imbued with the expertise of generations of whisky makers.



Ladyburn 1966 Edition Two is only available by appointment, and from William Grant & Sons’ The Distillers Library in Singapore, China, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City as well as The Warehouse in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.


For further information about William Grant & Sons Private Clients, please contact Jonathan Driver’s team at William Grant & Sons Private Clients at privateclients@wgrant.com.


With the long, shimmering summer days starting to unfurl and the mercury starts to rise, the Club celebrated it summer soiree in late August. The evening, one of the Clubs signature events, hosted on the rooftop bar at Jin Bo Law in London with undisturbed skyline views of the city was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few drinks, connect and engage with new and existing members in a relaxed environment.



Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club