For entrepreneurial business founders.

Geared around growth and evolution of entrepreneurs, the FOUNDXRS Club is an eco-system of like-minded people who share a passion in achieving and enjoying the best of life.

A private membership club designed to help a network of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, grow as humans, and enjoy the journey.

Created to seamlessly blend the worlds of business and lifestyle, the Club is committed to professional development and personal growth.

Learn, grow, connect and enjoy some of life’s little pleasures.


Connect with people who help you grow

Engage with people on the same mission as you

Grow your business

Create more time

Exit your business

Give back to the world around you

Create a legacy

Enjoy the journey

Become a better human

THE 500

For the chosen few.

When you join a club which has a limited number of members, the value remains strong. You remain part of a network, part of an eco-system, part of a unit where your voice and opinions are heard and where you have influence.

We’re not simply here to build a Club. We’re here to build a culture.


We come with a few friends.

Through our media platform, delivering campaigns for brands such as Porsche, Investec Private Bank, Cora Cora Maldives, Chivas Regal and Roger Dubuis allows us to bring brands like this to the table to curate masterclasses and experiences.

They work with us, and we work with you.


We're not here simply to build a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.


Backed by those in the know.

Our 'Patron Members' are a carefully selected group of leaders, visionaries, investors and serial entrepreneurs at the absolute top of their game. They’re not just there to add clout, they're here to add value. A source of strategic value, advice, knowledge to the Club, its development and its members.


We've earned a few stripes.

A decade of media and publishing kind of gives us a few stripes when it comes to offering, advising and delivering on PR, branding, positioning, editorials, articles and interviews. Something we’re proud to offer to our members.


What is your contribution to life?

A question all of us will ask at some point.

From day 1, the ‘Beyond Profit’ programme has been initiated which sees the Club and its members connect, engage and support charities and organisations focused on children and the next generation.


The core of what we do, is all about people.

Surrounding yourself with the right network of people has always been the key to fulfilment. We make it our business to be able to open doors for members of the Club to engage and build relationships.


We’re driven by growth, value and energy.

The Club's masterclasses and experiences are designed with value at its core. Everything from private dinners to breakfast clubs, whisky tasting to fair tours.

Putting members in a room with people they want to connect with, all whilst allowing members to learn and grow.



To build a global network of like-minded business founders and entrepreneurs obsessed in evolving, both personally and professionally.



Deliver growth and evolution in every core action. To build relationships, inspire, connect and create opportunities for one another.

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