30 November 2023

Breakfast: A Special Thank You to our Day 1 Members

LOCATION: Langan's Mayfair

TIME: From 9:00am

As the Club draws close to entering its fourth year since inception, we wanted to do something special to thank our day 1 members for their continued love and support. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you.

Come and join us for breakfast at Langan’s, where you’ll get the opportunity to connect and engage with your fellow day 1 members reminisce over the memories that have been created along the way, all whilst enjoying a delicious breakfast.


Members: 40

November 2024

Charity Fund Raising PATAGONIA TREK

27 NOVEMBER 2024 TO 06 DECEMBER 2024


We're not here simply to build a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.