06 September 2023

Breakfast Workshop with Performance Psychologist and TEDx Speaker BAIJU SOLANKI

LOCATION: Old Sessions House

TIME: From 9:00am to 11:30am

Back in Q1 we were joined by performance psychologist, mentor, accountability coach, author and TEDx speaker, Baiju Solanki. The fully subscribed session was such a hit that, by popular demand, we’ve invited Baiju back to host another session, and with brand new content!

Fellow Club member Baiju has a wealth of experience in helping individuals increase their performance and profitability through behaviours that get results. During this breakfast session, he will share with you how you can make sure you land the end of the year on a high by helping you focus on what YOU can control and drive a long-lasting mindset shift to maximise your success.

Baiju is known for his interactive and engaging style so come prepared to be challenged.

The morning will be a great opportunity to get into the mindset of creating positive habits which last.

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