11 May 2023

Build Your Team, Plan Your Exit with Meeta Sahni

LOCATION: The Old Sessions House

TIME: From 9:00am to 11:30am

Build your team and plan your exit. This will be the topic of focus for our morning session with guest speaker, Club member, and recruitment specialist, Meeta Sahni.

A profitable business is great, but it only becomes successful when it has the ability to run and operate without you. As foundxrs, we’ve all felt the pain of working at a level that doesn’t add the value of our expertise back into our business.

Whether you want to plan your exit, spend more time working ON the business rather than IN the business, or set up another business, the only way this can happen is by having the right people in place, making you, the foundxr, obsolete.

Through her work, Meeta has successfully helped a Club member to increase turnover by £2m (50%), create a succession plan, and free up 40% of their time, allowing them to set up a whole new business.

Join us for the morning, where Meeta will share strategies, from creating a plan to influencing culture, and implementation processes of how to make this transition and successfully move yourself away from the business to create freedom.

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