08 November 2023

Capital36 Exclusive Investment Showcase: Unveiling Premium Commercial Property Opportunities

LOCATION: 12 Hay Hill

TIME: From 6:00pm

In partnership with our sister company Capital36, we’re hosting a Commercial property investment seminar.

Our strong network coupled with current economic conditions means we get access to investment opportunities with great return potential.

We’re looking to grow our existing investor base so we have a strong funding pipeline to sustain our deal flow.

This evening is suitable for investors who are actively looking for investment opportunities, have prior experience of investing, and have a minimum of £25,000 available to invest (this is our minimum investment requirement).

On the night, we’ll showcase some of our past Commercial property deals alongside a partner who has a decade strong track record and completed over 40 deals with average yields of 9.38% with an average ROI annualised at 43%.

Places are limited so if this is something of interest to you and you meet the criteria please book your space early.

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