09 February 2024

MEMBER SHOOT: Winter 2024 Edition

LOCATION: Studio Rogue


As the saying goes; a first impression is a lasting impression. Personal branding in today’s world is crucial... a window into you, your business and how you want to be portrayed.

Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, or PR and press images for interviews, the imagery you put out speaks volumes about you and your brand.

The Club hosts its quarterly photoshoot day with fashion and lifestyle photographer, founder of Studio Rogue and Club member, Rory Gullan.

The shoot day will host 10 members in 45-minute sessions each, and will take place at Studio Rogue, SE14 London.


10 Members

November 2024

Charity Fund Raising PATAGONIA TREK

27 NOVEMBER 2024 TO 06 DECEMBER 2024


We're not here simply to build a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.