23 November 2023

New Member Breakfast at LANGAN’S MAYFAIR

LOCATION: Langan's Mayfair

TIME: From 9:00am


By invitation only, to welcome new members to the Club, we host a bi-monthly breakfast. We want members to start benefiting from the power of the Club and its network because that’s when the real magic happens.

The morning will give new members the opportunity to connect and engage with one another whilst enjoying breakfast at Langan’s, an iconic Mayfair institution with an unparalleled reputation for sophisticated cuisine and stellar service.


Members: 16

November 2024

Charity Fund Raising PATAGONIA TREK

27 NOVEMBER 2024 TO 06 DECEMBER 2024


We're not here simply to buid a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.