09 November 2022

Philanthropy Panel



For 2023, we’re creating a panel of Club members who have a mission to give back.


In early December and as our last ‘Breakfast Sessions’ of the year, we’ll be hosting 12 members to create a ‘Philanthropy Panel’ for 2023. As a collective group our plan will be to work actively together to achieve our philanthropic goals.

Doing things as individuals can sometimes be difficult, but as a group, tremendous things can be achieved.


As a Club we have our goals and objectives, put simply, it’s to make an impact and make a difference. This breakfast will allow us to create a panel, discuss objectives, set targets and create activation plans for the year ahead, all over a wonderful breakfast at The Savoy.


(If you are unable to attend the breakfast but would still like to be part of the panel, please do let us know.)


12 Members


We're not here simply to buid a Club. We're here to build a culture.
See you on the inside.