30 May 2024

Sensory Dining Experience with CHEF JOZEF YOUSSEF, Foundxr of Kitchen Theory

LOCATION: Holborn, London

TIME: From 7:00pm

At his newest restaurant in London, Club member and Chef extraordinaire, Jozef Youssef opens the doors to his Chefs Table for an unforgettable 8 course sensory dining experience.

Recently featured on MasterChef UK 2023, Chef Jozef is the Foundxr and creative force behind ‘KITCHEN THEORY’ an award-winning immersive dining experience.

Chef Jozef’s years of experience in London’s most highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants and hotels coupled with his academic interest in gastronomy, art and science led to him establishing Kitchen Theory in 2010 with a mission of “improving global wellbeing through innovations in gastronomy”. Since then he has worked with some of the UK most highly respected academic institutions and imminent scientists to further our understanding and contribute towards researching the relationship we as humans have with food by focusing on its sensory and nutritional/functional aspects.

With his newest venture underway in the heart of London, we’re excited to be some of the first guests walking through the doors of his new Chefs Table.

Please note, that there will be a subsidised charge of £150 ex VAT per member for this experience (market price £240 PP).

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