08 May 2024

The Science of HAPPINESS, the secrets you need to know to live a more flourishing life, with POSITIVE psychology expert, Casey Paul.

LOCATION: London, City

TIME: From 9:00am to 11:30am


We’re delighted to be joined by psychology expert, Casey Paul, who will share the secrets you need to know to live a more fulfilled life.


In March last year, global searches for ‘how to be happier’ hit an all-time high. As entrepreneurs and business owners we don’t often get the opportunity to take our finger of the pulse and reflect inward. There is always another deadline, milestone, or goal that we’re in the midst of or can see on the horizon. How many of us have taken time out to ask ourselves one of those all-important questions: are we actually happy? We can have all the business success however if we’re not truly happy, one can question, what is the point of it all?


Casey helps people to live their happiest life through the science of human flourishing. She began her career in law but soon found her passion in the world of fashion where she started her own clothing brand. She later became a style editor for a leading men's magazine, however, while at the peak of her career, had an epiphany: despite her success and recognition, she wasn't truly happy. Something she often recognised in her own clients. This led her to a turning point where she began searching for the elusive secret to genuine happiness.


Casey's search led her to positive psychology, a field that focuses on what makes life most worth living. This discovery prompted a complete life shift for her. Her work and insights have been featured in well-known publications like Hello!, Thrive Global, Real Business, and CNN News.


Come prepared to do some inner work and learn some of the tools that can help you to lead a happier life.

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