27 April 2023

UPSKILL Series: Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience: A blueprint for Customer Success, with Faiza Syed


In a world of growing diversity how do we stand out to attract and build loyal, lifetime customers: the utopian brand evangelist.

Many would argue that the key to achieving this lies in delivering exceptional customer experience (CX): the impression your customers have of your brand as a result of all their interactions through the customer journey.

For this ‘Upskill Series’, we’re joined by Faiza Syed, customer experience thought leader with over 15 years of global experience in driving revenue through customer experience.

This workshop is designed to help you set up and execute a customer experience program for your business. The 90-minute interactive workshop will cover topics such as designing, measuring, and developing a customer experience strategy, building a customer-centric culture (regardless of size), and maintaining and improving customer experience.

By the end of the workshop, members will have a better understanding of customer experience and the necessary tools and strategies to enhance CX within their own business.

40 Members

November 2024

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