Thursday 18th May 2023

WELLNESS Series: What Men Really Want with Nick Feeney

LOCATION: The Old Sessions House

TIME: From 9:00am to 11:30am


More than ever before the importance of mental wellness for men needs discussion, focus and support.

We’re glad to say things aren’t like they used to be, we understand men are not superhuman and equally face the day-to-day problems like all humans. We now live in a world where it’s ok to talk about what men really want, the struggles and responsibilities. The importance of recognising and understanding the world around us and creating a positive outlook for the people within our world is essential.

Nick Feeney is a coach who specialises in supporting and preparing primarily men to do and be better. Better fathers, better partners, better sons, and better friends.

Nick runs a 90-day programme called ‘The Midlife Reset’ where he helps men reconnect with themselves to explore the world around them before they ever reach crisis point. Re-exploring and evaluating the relationship they have with themselves, their children, and partners.

As part of our ‘Wellness Series’ in a very special session, Nick and the Club will be hosting a selection of members to join and explore what re-evaluating yourself really looks like.


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October 2024

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