Female Foundxrs master the art of taking TIME OUT with immersive wellness experience

14 December 2023

In collaboration with MOON, a wellness platform for women, co-founded by our very own founding member Lucie Marchelot Shukla, we hosted a unique wellness experience for our female Foundxrs.


The relentless pace of today’s world often relegates personal well-being to the backseat. The experience gave members the opportunity to check out of their businesses, slow down and check into themselves.


On the day, members were taken on a journey of tantric yoga, sound healing, the benefits of ayurvedic eating and a sacred ceremony to release negative emotions and set intentions for the forthcoming year. The experience was immersive and recharging, giving members the opportunity to recalibrate and carve out some much needed ‘me time’.


To say the day was a huge success is an understatement, this is what some of the attending members had to say:

“This is one of the best Foundxrs events we’ve ever had, I’ve been to a few which were phenomenal, but this was my favourite.” – Amruti Choudhry

“It was nice to drop our phone, our shoes….. and be connected to one another.” – Geraldine Spurway

“Best ideas come when you relax.” – Ceylan Boyce

“When you switch off, you switch on, thank you for creating the space for us.” – Aarti Parmar

“It was educational, that was really important….” – Dil Judge



Credit: Photographs by Glenn Foster for Foundxrs Club