A look back at Foundxrs Club standout moments for 2023

14 December 2023

At Foundxrs Club HQ, we’ve created a tradition of slowing down, stepping back and reflecting on our standout moments and wins of the year. This allows us to take stock of how much we’ve achieved and importantly takes us back to our WHY and what this journey is all about. Business and life are full of ups and down, but it’s important for us as individuals to learn from the loses and celebrate the wins.


As we look back at the last 12 months, here are some of our standout moments of 2023 . . .



1. In celebration of ‘International Women’s Day’ award winning journalist and TV personality Andrea McLean launches our ‘Audience with’ series for 2023.

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2. Along with our friends at Rolls-Royce, we launched CLUB X, a tier of the club designed for members operating larger businesses.

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3. Inspirational, visionary and iconic. Sonu Shivdasani OBE, Foundxr of Soneva and Six Senses took time out his 24 hours in London to join Club members for an intimate Q&A.

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4. 35 Club members collectively raised an astronomical £200k for Caudwell Youth; a charity spearheaded by John Caudwell, shaping young people’s futures.

See evening with Caudwell Youth



5. From partnering with the Chicago Bulls to setting sights of a $1bn valuation by 2029. Moses Rashid, Foundxr of the EDIT LDN shared his remarkable business journey with Club members.

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6. Supporting over 50 members to upgrade their press images and profile shots through our signature shoot days.



7. Collaborating with artist Mr Controversial as he launched his new collection with his first independent solo show.

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8. Phones 4U Foundxr, self-made billionaire and philanthropist spent an exclusive evening with the Club as part of our ‘Audience with’ series.

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9. We’re super proud to have inspired more female Foundxrs to join our community, increasing our member ratio from a 70:30 split to a 60:40 split.

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10. Michelin starred Chef Atul Kochhar, opens the doors of his restaurant Kanishka to host an exclusive breakfast event for our Day 1 members, who joined in 2020 and still remain with us.

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11. Assisting in the growth of our members both professionally and personally through our masterclasses and business workshops.

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12. Ending the year with a sparkle, bringing 100+ members together under the roof of the iconic Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane to celebrate the year.

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13. One of the most important, valued and standout moments for us in Club has been the relationships the community has been able to facilitate. Meeting people who you may not have met before. Doing business with people you now call friends. Creating lasting bonds with people who simply make your soul smile. Learning from and spending time with people who help you grow. This has been the most valued part of what we have created, and we look forward to establishing more relationships in 2024.