Time out with Roger Dubuis

13 November 2021

In that little window between lockdown and everything opening up properly, we managed to steal a day with three magical pieces from Roger Dubuis. 

A watch for morning, afternoon and evening wear, we’ll let you decide which one is which.


Image 1, 2 - Roger Dubuis Spider Huracàn (Black Edition)

Image 3, 4, 5 - Roger Dubuis Excalibur DT (Limited to 8 pieces worldwide)

Image 6, 7 - Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider MT (Limited to 8 pieces worldwide)



Roger Dubuis, 45A Old Bond Street, London, W1S 4QT. 

020 3692 0399


Photographs by Rory B. Gullan 

On location at Prince of Wales Drive by Berkeley Group